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Seven Mile Farm was so fortunate and blessed to own Lacey Lucky Four, aka 'Lacey'. She was the best lesson pony anyone could ever ask for. We loved her so much! Lacey had it all....perfect gaits, light response, high intelligence, lots of patience and a kind heart. She carried lots and lots of kids through lessons and on the trail. Lacey began as a PtHA halter and pleasure pony who achieved great national success. She went from showing to having babies where she put some nice ApHA ponies on the ground. When she was done having babies, she came to Seven Mile Farm. Lacey is now laid to rest and we sure miss her. Wish we had another handful of ponies like her.

Makayla Jenkins

Makayla purchased, Jewelly, a Seven Mile Farm horse, in the fall of 2010. She has been riding her all of the 2011 season and has taken a couple lessons from Teri. Makayla has been showing in open shows and 4-H with Jewelly and they are starting to burn the patterns up!

** NEWSFLASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Makayla and Jewelly for earning a State 4-H Horse Show trip for Faribault County in game events for 2011! Best of luck at State, Makayla!

Maddie Jenkins

Maddie Jenkins purchased a Seven Mile Farm horse, Pal, in fall of 2010. Maddie has taken a few lessons from Teri. She and Pal have been showing in open shows and 4-H for the 2011 season. They definitely are a team to watch out for!

** NEWSFLASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Maddie and Pal for earning a State 4-H Show trip for Faribault County in game events for 2011!! Best of luck at State, Maddie!

Edward Olson

Edward took 10 seasons of lessons with Teri. He started out with an old reliable named Lightning and has now moved to his horse, Flash, with more speed and potential. He taught Flash the WSCA patterns and they progressed rapidly. For 2010, Teri set up Edward with her horse, Pal, a 'training' horse to learn proper training methods and have as a project horse for the season. Edward did a terrific job. 

Here is what Edward had to say: I have been taking riding lessons from Teri Spence for the past years. I will start my 7th year of lessons again in May 2011. Teri is a lot of fun and teaches you a lot about horses and riding them. She is patient when teaching, starting you out at a slow pace, but as you get better, she lets you go faster. I am training my horse, Flash, and with Teri's help, I have gone from not placing to making it to Champ Show.

**NEWSFLASH!! Edward and Flash rocked at the 2011 MN State Fair! He placed 5th in Boys' Pole Weaving and 7th in the Championship Pole Weaving Stakes. He placed 2nd in Boys' Jumping Figure 8 and 7th in the Championship Jumping Figure 8 Stakes!

** NEWSFLASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Edward and Flash who earned a State 4-H show trip for Nicollet County in game events at the 2011 State Show!! Best of luck at State, Edward!! **

**NEWSFLASH!! Edward and Flash placed 5th in Junior Barrels at the 2010 WSCA Championship Show out of 95 riders! Congratulations, Edward! **

**NEWSFLASH!! Edward and his horse, Flash, won Boys Pole Weaving at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair with a smokin' time of 11.5!! You've come a long way, Edward....way to go!! So proud of you! 

Tara Dostal

Tara is riding games with her mare, Duchess, and they are really starting to click! In 2011, Tara worked with a young Seven Mile Farm horse to get some training experience under her belt. She definitely did a GREAT job!

Tara says: We really love the work you do and how you work with the kids and horses.

** NEWSFLASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Tara and Duchess for earning a trip to the State 4-H Show for Nicollet County in the game events!! Best of luck at State, Tara! **

Brianna Falgren

Brianna attended college at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. She took 3 season of lessons at Seven Mile Farm and improved so fast! In fall of 2010, Brianna joined the UWRF Equestrian Team and has been winning and placing in most of her events. In 2012, Brianna worked with some young Seven Mile Farm horses to get experience with horse training. She participated in the colt training program at UWRF.

Kellen Christensen

Kellen took 9 seasons of lessons with Teri. She rode her pony, Sparky, until she took a step up to her horse Goldie. She does a fantastic job in the WSCA game events. She is VERY determined and a pleasure to teach! She will work on getting with Goldie and it won't be long until they are bringing home lots of trophies and ribbons!

Makenna Holz

Makenna Holz took 7 seasons of lessons with Teri. Makenna's passion for horses is evident and that makes her very driven to learn all she can. She is improving so quickly! She is proving that she is ready for a horse of her own. She is a great role model for her younger sister, Elizabeth, who also takes lessons. In 2011, Makenna joined Teri on the road once in awhile to be an assistant during horse shows. This gave Makenna great experience with all that is entailed in the horse show experience.

Here is what Ashlyn has to say: Teri is a great teacher! My daughters have had lessons before, and have gone to camp and read about horses, but the lessons Teri gives have the added plus of helping the kids culturally with horses. They come away with the knowledge they need to eventually make it their own. Coming from city-raised parents, this gives them the heads up they need for why horse people do the things they do. In a fun and positive way, they learn the culture of horses as well as safety and good, competitive riding techniques. Teri is developing a whole new generation of Holz family "horse people"!

Colton Davis

Colton took 8 seasons of lessons with Teri. He made tremendous progress with his riding and has natural ability, starting as a very basic beginner. Colton took arena lessons, but also took trail riding lessons. He enjoys loping through the open areas and also when Lacey, Seven Mile Farm lesson pony, splashes in the creek on hot days! In 2011, Cole moved up to riding Seven Mile Farm horse, Tootsie. A big animal lover, Cole gravitates toward all of the animals on Seven Mile Farm.

Reegan Kelly

Reegan took 5 seasons of lessons with Teri. She has shown remarkable improvement and just LOVES horses. She plans to get her own horse in the near future. She is a pleasure to work with as she has a great attitude and is so willing to learn. 

Reegan says: Teri shows you how to cinch up a horse properly. Teri makes lessons fun and teaches you at the same time. She has you walk and trot on a longeline before you ride alone. I like when I get to go on trail rides because you learn to control your horse when you're out of the ring. Eventually, Reegan purchased SMF horse, Rebel, and is doing terrific with him.

Christine Engel

Chrissy took 9 years of lessons with Teri. Chrissy has been riding her little mare, Gemini, in 4-H shows and has improved so much since she began, now winning lots of blue ribbons at the Fair! She is working on Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, English Hunt Seat and games. She is now riding and training her horse, Slick. She and Slick show great potential in game classes! 

Chrissy's little sister, Summer Engel, also took a few lessons on their ponies, Fritz and Gemini..

This is what Chrissy has to say: I highly recommend Teri, she does a great job and you really have fun with her!! It's more than just riding lessons, you really make memories and bond with both Teri and your horse. Lessons with Teri has been such a great experience!!

Sammy Michels

Sammy took lessons from Teri for 3 season. She rides her horse, Misty. Sammy is a member of the LeSueur County 4-H and shows Misty in the county fair. They began lessons at Seven Mile Farm in 2010. They are working on learning the game patterns and general horsemanship. Sammy has that desire to learn and will go a long way. Sammy has a new step up game horse for 2013!

Sage Michels (not pictured)

Sage took 2 years of lessons. She takes lessons with her cousin, Sammy Michels.

Erin Krenik

Erin 11 seasons of lessons with Teri. Erin is one of the most natural students that Teri has had the opportunity to teach. She takes lessons on Seven Mile Farm lesson horses and has gone from the most basic to a super intermediate rider. She was invited to show Lacey, a Seven Mile Farm lesson pony, at a WSCA show in the 2008 season and won the Pony Western Pleasure and Pony Western Horsemanship classes. In 2009, she has moved up to a new Seven Mile Farm lesson horse and is working on more difficult riding maneuvers. Though Erin doesn't have a horse of her own, she is improving as if she does! Erin's little brother Reece has started taking some lessons too.

Reece Krenik (not pictured)

He has taken a couple lessons on Lacey here at Seven Mile Farm and did so well! He seemed to enjoy himself and we bet he will be back for more next season! He is the little brother of longtime student, Erin Krenik.

McKenzie Smith

Kenzie took 7 years of lessons with Teri. She started as just a little girl riding an old faithful. Now she rides her mare, Ruby, open horse shows and the Minnesota High School Rodeos. McKenzie placed consistently at horse shows last season and will be a tough competitor this coming season. Fall of 2008, the Smith's bought a Seven Mile Farm gelding, Nuked To The Max. Kenzie has been doing a terrific job with Max as well. She has received some year end high point awards and has also won a trip to the MN 4-H State Horse Show for Blue Earth County on Max.

** NEWSFLASH!! ** - McKenzie was just crowned 2011 Minnesota High School Rodeo Queen!! Congratulations Kenzie! You will represent Minnesota well! So proud of you!

**NEWSFLASH! McKenzie qualified in Goat Tying to go to the 2009 Jr. National High School Rodeo in New Mexico! Congrats, Kenzie!!

Anna Peichel

Anna took 1 season of lessons with Teri. She Hank are really starting to click!

** NEWSFLASH !! Congratulations to Anna and Hank who earned a trip to the State 4-H Show for Renville County in game classes for the 2011 State Show! Best of luck at State, Anna!

Mariah Meger

Mariah Meger started lessons with Teri several years ago when she first started riding games on her great pony, Garth. She has taken lessons periodically over the years and is now burning up the patterns on her horse, Fly.

**NEWSFLASH!! Congrats to Mariah and Fly for placing 8th in her age group barrel class at the MN State 4-H Horse Show!!

** NEWSLFASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Mariah for earning a State 4-H Show trip for Le Sueur County in games events. Best of luck at State, Mariah! **

Nikki Berg

Nikki Berg began her riding career in the Hunter Jumper and Dressage field. She has a great seat and keen sense for horse training. She rides her horse Chevy and has been training him for game events. They are improving by leaps and bounds and are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Nikki has now began working with training younger horses.

This is what Nikki says: Chevy and I improved so much after only 3 lessons with Teri! I would recommend Teri to anyone looking to take lessons, beginner or advanced! She is very patient, and she makes everything extremely easy to understand!

** NEWSFLASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Nikki and Chevy who earned a trip to the State 4-H Show for Nicollet County in game classes for the 2011 State Show! Best of luck at State, Nikki!! **

Maisie Muller

Maisie Muller is the daughter of Joe & Deana Muller. Maisie took four seasons of lessons with Teri until she moved to South Dakota. Maisie has become quite a confident rider and has a natural seat. Her willingness to listen and love of horses is a great combination for a super student! In 2010, Maisie moved from lessons with Lacey to our full size horse, Nell. Though she lives in South Dakota, Maisie plans to return to Seven Mile Farm, periodically, for lessons.

Joe & Deana have this to say: We feel so lucky to have come upon Seven Mile Farm and Teri. We have been impressed with her knowledge of riding and her gift to teach others. We appreciate her attention to safety throughout our daughter's progression in lessons. Her love of what she does shines through in her teaching style, and has made our daughter's experience an excellent one!

This is what Maisie says:I would go to Teri's everyday if I could! She is very patient in teaching me and always knows when I'm ready for the next step. She is friendly and organized. I know I'm always going to have fun learning at Seven Mile Farm. She has taught me about the care of a horse, not only how to ride the horse. Both are important to learn.

Paige Campe

Paige Campe, from Cleveland, MN, took lessons from Teri for several seasons. Paige rode Pleasure with her Tennessee Walking Horse until she purchased her game horse, Kermit. Paige took lessons with Kermit for speed events such as barrel racing and poles, which is quite a change from the Pleasure classes. She and Kermit have done really well together and continue to improve! Paige graduated from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.

Paige says: Taking lessons with Teri was great. My horse and I both benefit from the one-on-one instruction given by such an accomplished rider. Lessons with Teri are fun and educational at the same time!

Marie Annexstad

Marie took 7 years of lessons with Teri. Marie competes in Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Showmanship and English Hunt Seat with her horse Blue. She competes in game classes with her horse Pacer. Marie won the Junior Showmanship class at the 2008 WSCA Championship Show, which is quite an achievement. Marie has tremendous focus and has gone from a very basic beginner to a terrific rider and competitor!

** NEWSFLASH !! CONGRATULATIONS to Marie and Sir Blue Eyed who earned a State 4-H Show trip for Nicollet County in pleasure events to the 2011 State Show! Best of luck at State, Marie! **

**NEWSFLASH** - Marie and her horse, Sire Blue Eyed, brought home an armload of hardware from showing at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair. Congratulations, Marie!

Here is what Marie has to say: Teri has given me lessons since I was 7 years old. The skills and confidence I have gained allow me to be successful in AQHA/MQHA, WSCA, and 4H events with my horses. I know Teri is always there to answer my questions and encourage me with her great attitude. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't know how to saddle a horse properly!

Sam and Amy Doehling

Sam and Amy Doehling are twin brother and sister with lots of determination and big goals. They took two seasons of lessons with Teri. They are big fans of Clinton Anderson and even attended one of his clinics. They have a great foundation in riding and are building upon that very quickly. Riding their horses, Thunder (Sam) and Rain (Amy), they have already begun to place and win at WSCA shows. The Doehling family are very involved with farming and horses. Showing horses is quite a family affair for the Doehlings.

Older sister, Mary, takes lessons from Teri and shows at WSCA shows. Father, Dave, sister, Mary and younger brother, Ben, also compete in WSCA shows. Amy has started working with her new horse Dollie on WSCA game patterns. She is progressing very quickly and already bringing home lots of awards.

Most recently the Doehling Family matriarch has taken lessons at Seven Mile Farm. After a number of lessons, Annie Doehling was ready for a horse of her own!

Mary Doehling

Mary Doehling is from Arlington, MN. She has taken lessons from Teri for a couple seasons. Mary has that desired light touch with horses and the determination to achieve her goals. Her younger twin brother and sister, Sam and Amy, also take lessons from Teri.

Anna Amos

Anna Amos took 5 of seasons of lessons with Teri. She improved so much and a big part of it is due to her inquisitive nature and keen memory! She enjoys her arena lessons but also takes trail riding lessons and has become quite skilled at creek crossings and other obstacles the trails put in her path.

Jamie Nielsen Deiss

Jamie Nielsen Deiss took lessons from Teri for a couple seasons. She shows games on her horse, Hershey, and burns up the patterns. It took Jamie only a few minor adjustments to become quite a force in the game events. She currently lives with her husband, Kyle, and two sons in River Falls, WI.

Here is what Jamie has to say: After a few years of trying on our own with limited success, I knew Hershey and I needed some help. A series of lessons with Teri showed us the fundamentals we'd been missing and later, how to add speed to create a better pattern for all our WSCA events. Teri was also willing to work with me, my sister and my dad as a group at our farm, which made our lessons not only more economical and less time-consuming but something we could do as a family. Since our lessons, we've been senior games champion in my saddle club two years running and have even placed at WSCA Champ Show! Thanks, Teri!

Elizabeth Holz

Elizabeth Holz, 'EJ', took 2 years of lessons with Teri. Elizabeth decided that she wanted to take lessons after watching her older sister, Makenna, take lessons and do so well.

Ellie Deans

Ellie Deans has a huge passion for horses and a special interest in barrel racing. She has been riding Vegas and took him from a horse who hadn't been ridden in quite some time to a very well mannered horse. They work very well together....won't be long before they are turning those barrels!

Here is what Ellie has to say: Teri and my mom have known each other since high school and once I told my mom that I was interested in barrels she decided to see if Teri would give me some lessons. I have only had one lesson with Teri so far but it was a great experience. Teri was so kind in the way that she helped me and she taught me many new riding skills that I know will help me in the future. She explained every thing so well and it helped to be able to teach my horse the barrel and pole patterns. I loved the way Teri worked with me and Vegas and I hope to go back to Seven Mile Farm for more lessons in the future.

Jenna Allen

Jenna is the daughter of Patty & Tim Allen of St. Michael, MN. Even though they live a few hours away, Jenna comes each summer for an extended lesson. Jenna loves horses and has a wonderful attitude....she wants to learn!

Ashley Zutz

Ashley Zutz took 5 seasons of lessons with Teri. Ashley started out taking lessons on Seven Mile Farm lesson horses as a very beginner. She started with the very basics of body position, cues, etc. She moved into lessons on her horses Scarlett and Satin. She worked on riding in game events as well as Western Pleasure and, eventually, English Hunt Seat. She now is riding her new Pleasure horse, Annie, and is placing and winning in WSCA Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship classes. Wow, she has come a long way!

** NEWSFLASH!! CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley who earned a trip to the State 4-H Show for Nicolllet County in pleasure events for the 2011 Show! Best of luck at State, Ashley!! **

Alex Alt

Alex took lessons from Teri for 5 years. She has rode Lacey, a Seven Mile Farm lesson pony, but also took a few lessons with her own horse Dannika. Alex has a great love of horses, a passion that she shares with her dad, Bob. She has joined the Nicollet County 4-H club and her goals are to show in WSCA shows someday. 

Ty Pekarna

Ty Pekarna took lessons on his horse Cammy for a couple seasons. Cammy, his Palomino mare, spent time in training with Teri as well. Ty is a terrific rider and has done well riding in game classes in 4-H and open shows.


Jessy Spence

Jessy took 7 years of lessons with Teri. He competes in game classes with his horse Trooper. Jessy is a very determined rider who has improved by leaps and bounds! Jessy's older sister, Brittany, took lessons for a couple years as well.

Here is what their Mom, Terri, has to say: Both my kids and I have been very satisfied with the work you have done with not just the kids but their horses as well. And I personally appreciate how you changed your training to suit the horse (Poncho) and I'm sure he was too. Thanks again for all you have done especially with Jessy.


Whitney Scholtz

Whitney Scholtz took lessons from Teri for one season. Whitney's progress was remarkable and it was great to see her become a strong, confident rider with her horse, Savanna.

Here is what Whitney says: Thank you for being patient with me and Savanna. I was very nervous when I started the lessons, being that I had been thrown previously. You worked with me at a pace that worked well for both me and Savanna. You made me feel comfortable and helped me build up my confidence in myself and my riding. I had learned so much from you by the end of the lessons, I was no longer afraid of riding. Taking lessons from you has allowed me to enjoy my horse and we have had many, many hours of fun, successful riding since. P.S. Thanks also for the video of my lessons. It's fun to go back and watch the progress.


Ashley Kroubetz

Ashley Kroubetz took lessons from Teri some years back. Ashley rode a Seven Mile Farm lesson horse to get her started in learning game events such as barrel racing and pole weaving. She did a terrific job and was going through the patterns at a pretty good pace when she finished her lessons.

Here is what Ashley says: I have always been very interested in barrels. I was referred to Teri and Seven Mile Farm a few years ago. I took lessons with her on the basics of barrels. She made it extremely easy to understand and pick up (even as a first timer). I still have interest in barrels but our group does mostly trail riding and I can’t seem to find time for both hobbies as of now. If I ever chose to pursue barrels, Teri will be the first one I call!


Bailey Narjes

Bailey took lessons for a couple seasons with Teri. His dad, Shayne and younger brother, Brady, have also taken some lessons from Teri. Teri travels to the Narjes Farm and gives lessons on their horse, Taffy. He has become a much more confident rider and has learned to work with Taffy so that she follows his direction. The Narjes' are truly great people to work with as they have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and optimism. That always makes lessons a pleasure!



Shelby took lessons during one summer and improved significantly. After she was done with some lessons, she was able to purchase her own horse!

Seven Mile Farm

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